The local existing economy has to be considered while presenting a quote to a client.

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Graphic Designing is a field, which is gaining extensive momentum in the recent days. With the increasing popularity of e-commerce, the need for graphic designing and a good graphic designer has also grown in leaps.A graphic designer is a professional who combines features such as design, graphic, pictures and color to bring out a particular image or message supporting a brand, a product or a company. Nowadays you can see graphic designs everywhere.




Graphic designing and graphic designers has become the most demanded people in this designing industry. The pay scale and rates for these graphic-designing services are usually decided based on certain features and the creative expertise of the graphic designer. Usually the rates are calculated on a hourly basis or according to the type of project that the graphic designer undertakes.


Key features of a successful Graphic Designer:



The more skilled more you are, the more creative your works will be. This will lead to more clients coming your way and will result in more profitable business. Understanding the talent of one’s own self is very important to fix the rate for the work done. No one hesitates to pay well for an excellent and unique work. So enhance your skills and fix the rate of your work accordingly.




Identify your area of interest and concentrate on that sector. Increase your knowledge and expertise in that area and make it your specialization. Let that be your USP and clients will definitely turn towards an expert for getting their work done. So be a specialist.


Advertise your work:


For all the work you do, you get appreciation or orders only when they are displayed. So make sure that few works that you have completed are displayed as a demo of your work and expertise. This will attract clients and increase your business.


Client Handling techniques:


Hard work alone is not sufficient to succeed in a business, smart work is also required to shine in that particular field amidst competition and varying client preferences. A graphic design services might receive many inquiries for the work and pricing. In order to take up the lead and close the deal, one has to be smart enough to answers to all the queries from the client.


Promptness of Delivery:


The major aspect, which will create a good rapport between the client and the designer, is the promptness in completing the assigned task. Unless and until there is an unavoidable circumstance, projects should be completed on time to win the clients faith.


A simple formula for calculating the cost of the work:


At times both the client and the designer himself will be in a confused state as to what rate is to be quoted for the work done. The rate should not be too low or too high as well. For arriving at a more justifiable and satisfying rate, a simple formula can be applied.


Total cost = Level of Expertise + Project description + Turn Around Time + Level of Demand + Existing Economy + Geographical Location


Only the designer himself can judge his Level Of Expertise. He will be in a better position to judge what is required to give the expected output.When coming to specifications, graphic designing is a huge arena and it includes various types of works from big to small, so rates have to be decided on the volume of work to be done. TAT is one important thing that is going to make you more dependable. Your demand as a designer should be realized by the client and self-advertising rarely works. Precisely, your work should speak for you. When the economy is down, it is unethical and impractical to quote a very high rate. Lot of sensibility is required to analyze this fact.The area where you are located also plays a major role in price fixing.

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